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John Henry Twachtman

John Henry Twachtman John Henry Twachtman (August 4, 1853 - August 8, 1902) was most known for his impressionist landscapes, though this American painter`s style was highly diversified throughout his whole career. Twachtman`s impressionistic style was considered by art historians to be one of the most personal and empirical of it`s time. He was part of a group of American artists disgruntled with professional art establishments who called themselves `The Ten`. In 1898 they assembled to exhibit their art as a stylistically-unified syndicate.

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Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, John Henry Twachtman acquired his very first lessons in art there under the tutelage of Frank Duveneck. To further his education, Twachtman traveled to Europe like many other artists of his generation. In 1875 he enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. He also toured Venice with William Merritt Chase and Duveneck during this time. His landscape paintings depict the technique he picked up in Munich, exhibiting a very loosely brushed and shadowy style. Twachtman was known to have etching plates on him most of the time that he could utilize to document a scene at a moment`s notice.
Twachtman returned to America very briefly before going to Paris and studying at the Academie Julian from 1883-85. While in Paris, his work took on a startling new appearance and gravitated towards a subtle, green and gray Tonalist style. Art historians regard Twachtman`s work during this time as his greatest masterpieces. `Arques-la-Bataille` and `Springtime` are two of the paintings among these grand works of art.
He returned to America in 1886 and settled down in Connecticut. He spent a good amount of his time at the Cos Cob art colony - where his presence became critical. Twachtman`s work, teachings, and conversation ignited the creative flames of his students and friends. He was a teacher at the Art Students League from 1889 until he passed away in 1902. His artistic freedom and individualism was owed much to his scarcity in commercial success - where the temptation to create salable images based on established formulas had no control over him.

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